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Round Bottom Farm

It’s Deer Season Scent Eliminator Body Wash

It’s Deer Season Scent Eliminator Body Wash

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This body wash is made from only quality ingredients and each is an 8oz bottle. These body wash have an amazing lather quality that will leave you clean and moisturized. All products are fragranced with essential oils.

It’s Deer Season is for all the hunters out there. This all natural body wash has a deep cedar, pine and rosemary scent that will allow you to hide from the keen sense of smell of the deer. They will never know you’re there because you will blend right in with the trees.

See proof in the photos that it really does work. This is a hunter that used the soap and sent a picture of the results. He had deer downwind of him all morning and none of them ever picked up his scent. It really does work y’all.

***Allergy Warning: Soap contains coconut oil

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